Here are a few things you may be wondering..

When did you start travelling?

I started with, originally, 3 month trip to Australia at the end of 2017, that I decided on very very last minute (Less than a month between deciding and arriving!). This inevitabily became a year long.

Why did you go travelling?

I was meant to be going to university, but after taking me three instead of two years to get through college, I decided I needed an education break and was going to work for a year.

I quit my job after a few bad weeks and decided to go off for a few months. I then ended up dropping my uni place for the second year... And now again for the third time in a row. Maybe uni isn't for me?

What else do you do?

I currently work in hospitality saving for my next trip. I am also a gymnastics coach, although not currently practicing.

I spend a lot of time in the gym too. I'm currently undertaking my level 2 personal training course.